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Designer/s Needed!

Hey everyone long time no update, I know. Because it's a new year and the new F1 season is upon us (well soon), I thought it would be fitting to have a new layout for this community, the current one was designed by rustlingragazza back early last year (I think). I've been trying to get in contact with her to ask if she would like to do it again but I can't get a hold of her, so if you're reading this get in contact or leave a comment lol. Anyway basically if anyone wants to design a new layout for me it would greatly be appreciated.

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from Strelka to LJ Formula1 community with love

Tomorrow is the great day:
M. Schumacher vs. K. Räikkönen
Bridgestone vs. Michelin

Of course for me Schumi is the best i believe in him,
But tomorrow’s race will be on off the hardness
in his career. Race result depends on many factors
Humanity element is on of them:
Mastery, battle craft, professionalism, and courage,
Of course command tactics …. etc, and other.
Scuderia Ferrari rules !!!
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(no subject)

Michael is the king, and is going to be champion again. This year has been fantastic, and although I was sceptical at the beginning, the new rules really have worked well, and have prevented ferrari running away with it. I just hope Suzuka can be a good finale.


Correct, Minardi didn't even qualify..

which means a few things

1 - unlike all the other teams, they can adjust the cars last minute before the race sunday - the cars wont be in the impound

2 - they will start from the pit lane

3 - presumably, they will be running a heavier fuel load

4 - stoddard has mentioned that the cars they are using for the race have only about 60 odd practice laps logged between the two - therefore, this is an act of preservation, and consistency in finish.

5 - its all completely legal.. and frankly, im glad to see something a little different and spicy in f1, its about fucking time!
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Important Update

This community has become pretty inactive recently for many reasons mainly due to myself not updating it so often, as I have had other commitments. This community will stay open to our member's but posting from me will be very minimal, so updates will be rare unless our member's (you) post more often of course - which hopefully you will :¬)

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F2003-GA at Fiorano

michael set another track record yesterday in the F2003-GA, 0'56''786. it's the ferrari juggernaut i guess. who can stop them? heh, ok, might be a lil overconfident there. but next week they test the F2002 against the F2003-GA at Fiorano. they should really televise that kinda stuff. i know i'd watch. maybe i should just move to italy. but it looks like another strong season for ferrari if they keep the pace up. but i really want someone to challenge michael. he makes a difficult sport look way too easy.
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McNish thinks Eddie should quit for good

Eddie Irvine, one of the most outspoken drivers on the Grand Prix circuit, looks as if he has waved goodbye to Formula One motor racing after failing to secure a drive with Jordan this season.

The 37-year-old Ulsterman, who started his Formula One career with Jordan in 1993, was sacked by Jaguar last year and his fans were pinning their hopes on a Jordan drive for 2003. But, Jordan boss Eddie Jordan has made it clear he needs to sign a driver who can bring 3 million pounds (5 million dollars) with him to ease their cash problems, putting Eddie firmly out of the running.

In a world where drivers often toe the corporate line, Irvine was always brave enough to say what he felt. But at 37 his time appears to be up and it would be highly unlikely he will be able to find an outfit for next year. Allan McNish, knows what Irvine must feel like having been dropped by Toyota at the end of last season, but has advised the Ulsterman to call it a day.

"I've known Eddie since 1987, since I started racing. One thing is for sure - the driver parades will be much duller now, Allan said. "If you want to get up in the morning and race cars then winning Le Mans is great, if you have the motivation. If you are tired of getting up in the morning and tired of testing in the cold and rain at Silverstone then it's probably best to give up and do something else."
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Renault lanch new car

The Mild Seven Renault Formula One team officially unveiled their new 2003 contender at the Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre, Lucerne, Switzerland a few days ago, the French squad revealing the R23 to the world in all its glory including this year's partnership package and complete livery.

Prominently displayed was the Mild Seven branding after a renewal of their sponsorship agreement for another four years, estimated between 35 and 40 million dollars. That means that the 2003 season will see the tobacco giant's tenth year in the series.

A lot is riding on the new car as drivers Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso strive to bring the team to greater heights, improving on the team's 2002 finish of fourth place in the constructors championship.

Pictures - New 2003 RenaultCollapse )
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