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I thought the race was awesome! It was my first experience with F1. My good friend invited me to the Spanish Grand Prix so I set out to make it happen. H have 2 tickets in the main grandstand, a hotel room, and a rental car lined up for the weekend of May 8th!

But, I am most familiar with NASCAR - mainly because no one airs Formula 1 racing here! I had to subscribe to the SPEED channel just so I could watch a race. I do not want go to Barcelona uneducated. I know there will still be much to learn, but I at least wanted to be familiar with the teams, drivers, rules, and so on.

It seemed to me that the changes in the rules were made to slow down the race. I'm sure it had tyre manufacturers scrambling to create new compounds to meet race requirements. I was glad to hear that the crews were able to lobby the F1 committee to allow 1 tyre change without penalty. - or was it to change 1 tyre without penalty? I know most race tyres are ok, but now and then you get one with a serious defect to the detriment of the driver and those in the way. The other rule about fuel consumption will made the teams driver smarter. It's not just who can get to the finish line first, it's who can finish the race on the alloted fuel ration with one set of tyres. This then turns from not so much skill, as skill based on strategy.

Congrat's to the Italian driver who drove one hell of a race! I look forward to Malaysia in 2 weeks! (I get it at 1:30AM!)

Are there any F1 ICONS? Thanks!
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New Season

I just don't get all these new rules. The race is just boring. Can't believe they keep messing around with the rules, just to stop Michael Schumacher winning.

How dull are pit stops now?

Edit: Congratulations to Giancarlo Fisichella. Nice to see him win again!
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2005 Australian Grand Prix!

I joined this community recently, and haven't posted yet nor heard much from any of you guys out there... but that's probably because it's the off-season!

I suddenly realised today that the Melbourne GP is right around 1 month away, and so I'm starting to get excited because, living in Sydney, we go to it every year (it's really the only practical one for us, living so far away, although we have made it to Malaysia and Monza in the past... and SOMEDAY... Monaco!)

We usually get a corporate box for our very small family company, which is right at the end of the first bend after the starting grid, which includes breakfast, lunch, drinks (incl. wine/beer), and prime covered seats for all 4 days.

But since we decided to use a bit of money going to Japan over the holidays, we decided to spend our F1 money on that this year, and are instead flying super-econo down there, staying in a 3 star hotel, and just getting regular grandstand tickets for Sunday (and Thursday is free this year, so might just skip Fri/Sat and do something else in Melbourne instead).

Problem is, time is getting away from us, and we need to get some grandstand tickets before it gets any later!

Anyone out there know of anyplace other than eBay that might have good, last-minute seats?!

And yes... I will take photos and send a full report. We always have a laptop with us!

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there is a quote from juan pablo montoya talking about the philsophy of having a bad day something about expecting a bad day, then you dont feel like shit , but if you dont expect a bad day then you feel like shit, anybody know the exact quote of that?
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Possibly one of the most unfortunate questions I've heard in F1:

"At one point it looked like Felippe Massa was right up inside you." 
Made in the press conference to Raikonnen... paraphrased as I can't remember the exact words.

Well.. it made me laugh.
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Takukuma blinking

Tape Request


I usually watch every qualif and races of the F1 season. Unfortunately, yesterday, I wasn't able to be home at that time. Thus, I programmed the VCR so I could still watch it. The problem is, when I meant to watch the tape this morning, all it had taped was a "grey storm".

Now, I watched the race, but I still wish to watch the qualifications. I want to know how and what might have happened.

Thus, I would like to know if anyone taped/recorded the German Grand Prix qualifications of 24th of July 2004?

I am clueless as to what might have happened, cuz I tested everything back today morning and it was fine..

I would of course pay for the tape and the shipping.

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For once Button is lost for words
When he promised his fans victories in 2004 the cynics laughed, asking how could Jenson Button win a race when he hadn't even made it to the podium. The Brit, though, took that step towards glory at Sepang when he finally made it into the top three with a brilliant drive.


The BAR driver claimed third place at the Malaysian GP to break his five-year deadlock. His podium visit also gave his fans and his father, who was at the racetrack, something to cheer and something to brag about. Although for Button it took away his ability - for once - to speak.

"There are no words to describe the feeling of your first podium and this one has been a long time coming," said Button. "It's a fantastic result for the team in only our second race of the season and I'm delighted for everyone - the team, Honda and all our partners - because they have worked so hard for this."

"It was a tough race but so enjoyable because we were very competitive. Everyone has done a great job over the winter and made such a good step forward. This really is a sign that BAR has some very exciting times ahead."

His team-mate Takuma Sato also gave Button's fans something to remember and it too was a heart-stopping moment. Lying in eighth place the Japanese driver suffered an engine failure just three laps from the end of the race and for a moment it appeared as if it was Button stranded on the side of the track. But it wasn't.

"Obviously it was extremely disappointing that we weren't able to finish the race with only three laps to go. The car was very strong and we had good race pace," he said. "I'm very happy for the team and we have shown today that there are some very exciting race performances to come from all of us."

Team boss Dave Richards is another who is very happy for his team and his young star. "Jenson and the team have worked very hard for this result, and to get his first podium in a straight fight with the best in F1 is real proof of how far we have come," he said.
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