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RIP Minardi

With the sad demise of the always popular (Ferrari management excluded) Minardi Formula One team it was inevitable there would be a lot of press about it in the motorsport press. This weeks Autosport has a picture of this years Minardi and headline reads "Minardi’s Red Bull future". I’m struggling to remember when the team was given coverage like that.

The only possibility I can come up with was when when Paul Stoddart brought the team????

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At about this time last year, Jenson Button wanted to move away from BAR to Williams. At the time Honda were not committed to BAR while Williams still had a long future with BMW. He stated at the time that Williams was his best hope of winning the world championship and that his contract was void after Honda missed a deadline to agree terms and what not with BAR. The whole thing went to the contract recognition board, who found in BAR’s favor.

However, not long afterwards, Button signed an agreement with Williams saying that if he fails to score 75% of the championship leaders point by the German Grand Prix, he would drive for Williams in 2006. Given the problems with the Honda engine and the BAR’s fuel tank, the deadline came and went and it seems that Sir Frank’s option on Button is active. I.e. Williams has a valid contract with Button for at least 2006. However, a lot changes in a year. Honda now own a big chunk of BAR while Williams will be using a Cosworth V8 for 2006 before hopefully getting Toyota engines for 2007.

So Jenson is now saying that he wants to stay with BAR and not move to Williams.
Sir Frank sees it a very different way. So different in fact, even the lure of Honda engines for next year wont deter him from getting Jenson into one of his cars again.

I don’t think Jenson has done himself any good by pleading with Sir Frank to let him stay at BAR via the press. I’m afraid it makes him look unprofessional to now be saying “But things are different, so I’ve changed my mind”. As hard as it may be for him, and I’m not doubting it is hard, he made an agreement, a legally binding one at that. To try and slither his way out of it could cause a lot of friction between Jenson and Sir Frank and maybe the Williams team as a whole. That’s something he will defiantly not want.
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F1 is said to be on the verge of collapse if Mosley doesn't quit apparently. 8 teams are ready to form a break away series as early as January.

What are you're thoughts on this?
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this F1 usa track is pathetic!
6 cars
3 teams
its unsportsman like and its shocking that the FIA are so far up their own that theyve managed to meet up with bernie in there!!

if i had a ticket, i would absolutely fuming!!
cant be arsed to even pay attention to this!

Schumacher forced to apologize to Heidfeld

Haha! How the mighty have fallen. It's about time someone put Schumacher in his place. In this case, all 19 other drivers, including his teammate Barichello.

I have posted the full text of the story below, as it wouldn't link directly from the formula1.com website.


Schumacher forced to apologise Over Australian GP crash

World champion Michael Schumacher was forced to apologise on Friday for crashing into Nick Heidfeld at the first race of the season in Australia.

Schumacher was subjected to a 30-minute barrage of scrutiny as the 18 other drivers on the grid aired their views over who was to blame for the crash between the two Germans in the Australian Grand Prix. And insiders revealed the seven-time World Champion lost out 19:1 in an unprecedented driver vote with even his Ferrari team-mate Rubens Barrichello siding against him in the poll.

The source, who asked not to be named, confirmed: "The drivers discussed the accident between Michael Schumacher and Nick Heidfeld for about 30 minutes and it was decided Schumacher was in the wrong. They voted 19:1 that Schumacher should apologise to Heidfeld. He accepted the decision, stood up and verbally apologised in front of everyone in the room."

Schumacher refused to accept the blame after the incident in Melbourne, in which he came out of the pits and forced Heidfeld onto the grass heading into turn three. The pair collided and Heidfeld's race was ended immediately. Schumacher was pushed out of the gravel trap and returned to the pits but was also forced to retire from the race.

Schumacher reacted sternly to reporters when questioned over the crash and said: "I have seen Nick and it is all over. Now is the time to throw this topic away, it's finished."

Schumacher absolved himself of blame after the incident but Heidfeld was not so sure and admitted he was disappointed that he was forced out of the race by the world champion. But he is now ready to forget the incident.

"It was not the position we would have wanted to be in," Heidfeld told reporters at Sepang. "The team would have wanted both cars to finish the race in Melbourne. It (the crash) is all over now. I don't need to think about it anymore, it's not important anymore. I just want to concentrate on doing well for the team in Sepang and I am looking forward to the race."

Source AFP
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