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At about this time last year, Jenson Button wanted to move away from BAR to Williams. At the time Honda were not committed to BAR while Williams still had a long future with BMW. He stated at the time that Williams was his best hope of winning the world championship and that his contract was void after Honda missed a deadline to agree terms and what not with BAR. The whole thing went to the contract recognition board, who found in BAR’s favor.

However, not long afterwards, Button signed an agreement with Williams saying that if he fails to score 75% of the championship leaders point by the German Grand Prix, he would drive for Williams in 2006. Given the problems with the Honda engine and the BAR’s fuel tank, the deadline came and went and it seems that Sir Frank’s option on Button is active. I.e. Williams has a valid contract with Button for at least 2006. However, a lot changes in a year. Honda now own a big chunk of BAR while Williams will be using a Cosworth V8 for 2006 before hopefully getting Toyota engines for 2007.

So Jenson is now saying that he wants to stay with BAR and not move to Williams.
Sir Frank sees it a very different way. So different in fact, even the lure of Honda engines for next year wont deter him from getting Jenson into one of his cars again.

I don’t think Jenson has done himself any good by pleading with Sir Frank to let him stay at BAR via the press. I’m afraid it makes him look unprofessional to now be saying “But things are different, so I’ve changed my mind”. As hard as it may be for him, and I’m not doubting it is hard, he made an agreement, a legally binding one at that. To try and slither his way out of it could cause a lot of friction between Jenson and Sir Frank and maybe the Williams team as a whole. That’s something he will defiantly not want.
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