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I thought the race was awesome! It was my first experience with F1. My good friend invited me to the Spanish Grand Prix so I set out to make it happen. H have 2 tickets in the main grandstand, a hotel room, and a rental car lined up for the weekend of May 8th!

But, I am most familiar with NASCAR - mainly because no one airs Formula 1 racing here! I had to subscribe to the SPEED channel just so I could watch a race. I do not want go to Barcelona uneducated. I know there will still be much to learn, but I at least wanted to be familiar with the teams, drivers, rules, and so on.

It seemed to me that the changes in the rules were made to slow down the race. I'm sure it had tyre manufacturers scrambling to create new compounds to meet race requirements. I was glad to hear that the crews were able to lobby the F1 committee to allow 1 tyre change without penalty. - or was it to change 1 tyre without penalty? I know most race tyres are ok, but now and then you get one with a serious defect to the detriment of the driver and those in the way. The other rule about fuel consumption will made the teams driver smarter. It's not just who can get to the finish line first, it's who can finish the race on the alloted fuel ration with one set of tyres. This then turns from not so much skill, as skill based on strategy.

Congrat's to the Italian driver who drove one hell of a race! I look forward to Malaysia in 2 weeks! (I get it at 1:30AM!)

Are there any F1 ICONS? Thanks!
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