tequilatamm (tequilatamm) wrote in formula1,

2005 Australian Grand Prix!

I joined this community recently, and haven't posted yet nor heard much from any of you guys out there... but that's probably because it's the off-season!

I suddenly realised today that the Melbourne GP is right around 1 month away, and so I'm starting to get excited because, living in Sydney, we go to it every year (it's really the only practical one for us, living so far away, although we have made it to Malaysia and Monza in the past... and SOMEDAY... Monaco!)

We usually get a corporate box for our very small family company, which is right at the end of the first bend after the starting grid, which includes breakfast, lunch, drinks (incl. wine/beer), and prime covered seats for all 4 days.

But since we decided to use a bit of money going to Japan over the holidays, we decided to spend our F1 money on that this year, and are instead flying super-econo down there, staying in a 3 star hotel, and just getting regular grandstand tickets for Sunday (and Thursday is free this year, so might just skip Fri/Sat and do something else in Melbourne instead).

Problem is, time is getting away from us, and we need to get some grandstand tickets before it gets any later!

Anyone out there know of anyplace other than eBay that might have good, last-minute seats?!

And yes... I will take photos and send a full report. We always have a laptop with us!
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