Yetichan and Alecki (bagelmuffin_luv) wrote in formula1,
Yetichan and Alecki

Tape Request


I usually watch every qualif and races of the F1 season. Unfortunately, yesterday, I wasn't able to be home at that time. Thus, I programmed the VCR so I could still watch it. The problem is, when I meant to watch the tape this morning, all it had taped was a "grey storm".

Now, I watched the race, but I still wish to watch the qualifications. I want to know how and what might have happened.

Thus, I would like to know if anyone taped/recorded the German Grand Prix qualifications of 24th of July 2004?

I am clueless as to what might have happened, cuz I tested everything back today morning and it was fine..

I would of course pay for the tape and the shipping.

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