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Jackie's warning!

Sir Jackie Stewart says the plight of the Belgian Grand Prix should act as a warning to Silverstone.

Stewart believes that the decision to axe the great Spa-Francorchamps circuit from the F1 calendar demonstrates that no grand prix can take its future for granted.

With the likes of Bahrain and China queuing up to hold races, Stewart is worried that the British Grand Prix could be the next casualty.

He told Motorsport News: "Everyone is in love with Spa-Francorchamps, and particularly with Eau Rouge, but the bottom line is that it has had its grand prix taken away.

"For whatever reasons, they struggled to get their venue in order and if one of the most historical events can be taken away it is a warning for everyone else.

"If we still want an F1 race in Britain, we must fight for it."

Stewart, president of the British Racing Drivers Club which owns Silverstone, said that losing the race that losing the British Grand Prix would be a hammer blow to the country’s thriving motorsport industry.

He said: "It is not a given that we will have the British Grand Prix in the long term, so it is not a given that we will have a British motorsport industry.

"If the British GP goes, the industry will not survive as we know it."
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