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Asiatech lanch their new car

The Asiatech company have launched a wind tunnel model of the car they hope to race in the near future. The French-based company currently supply engines to Minardi, but have been developing a car, which they hope to sell to a team or to raise sponsorship for the coming seasons.

Speaking at the presentation in the Monza paddock this morning, Asiatech President John Gano said: "Our ambition is to run an integrated engine and chassis team like Ferrari and Toyota, but whether we make it that far depends on economic and technical circumstances."

"Technically we're ready; financially we don't have the package together at the moment. We believe we can produce a quality chassis for half of the current cost and we aim to enter in the midfield and go upwards."

There remains one slot on the grid available to a new team and Asiatech are keen on joining in the near future. Minardi are set to run with Ferrari engines from 2003.
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