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Gary Anderson's view of the Sato and Raikkonen clash

Director of race and test engineering at Jordan, Gary Anderson, condemned the high-speed collision between Takuma Sato and Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix as absurd.

"Takuma did not get a good lap and then on his last run there was the incident with Raikkonen, who was on an out lap, which is absolutely absurd. I think we should give him some of our wing mirrors because he obviously needs them!" he stated afterwards.TS - Jordan

The Japanese now starts from eighteenth while his team mate Giancarlo Fisichella is twelfth. "Giancarlo's result is about as good as we can expect at the moment," Anderson added. "I can't say I'm content, because we're not in the top ten, but I don't think we could have done much to improve today. The race should be better because the tyres are very consistent and we've got a reasonable place to work from."

The Italian also admitted that he had found the session difficult, but is hoping to give his home fans something to smile about in the race. "That was tough, as I expected. Our strategy was to do two timed laps and we were a bit unlucky because I'm sure my best run was the second flying lap on the outing when the session was redflagged," he commented.

"There was a possibility to be tenth but it wasn't easy and we are still struggling with grip. Tomorrow we should be better for the race but we need to find something more because the competition is so quick."

Sato added: "That was the most difficult qualifying session of my career. There was a combination of factors; the car was not perfect and also I made a couple of mistakes and couldn't complete a whole flying lap. The final outing was my last chance and it was going to be three consecutive timed laps.

"On the third one, Kimi was on his way out from the pit and he took a wider line before turn 2. I was on the inside, following him in the slipstream, but at the braking point I moved out. He had plenty of time to look in the mirror and see me but obviously he didn't realise I was there. We tangled at high speed but luckily I managed to slow down a lot before I touched the tyre barrier. A big shame. I hope the race is exciting."
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