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Asiatech left out in the cold for 2003

The Asiatech company has been supplying Minardi with engines this season and while they have been reliable and relatively cheap for the small Italian team, rumours persist that Minardi may run Ferrari or Cosworth engines in 2003. This would leave Asiatech with no outlet for it's production, fuelling rumours that the company will be launching it's own F1 car this weekend.

The car is believed to be a simple wind tunnel model of the car they wish to sell to other teams in the future. Asiatech are even admitting that they may be forced to take a year out from F1, as almost all contracts have been signed.

"We want to show what we have been up to," financial director John Gano explained to British magazine Autosport. "We are technically prepared to run our own F1 car and engine and now we are just looking for sponsors.
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