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Arrows have only 6 hours to prove there future!

The Arrows Grand Prix team has until 18:00BST to prove that it has a buyer for it's team, or it is to be thrown out of the 2002 Formula 1 World Championship. The FIA gave the Arrows team the news before the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, after a second successive race was missed by the financially troubled outfit.

Arrows have missed three of the last four rounds of the championship, although they insist this is as a result of legal advice as they negotiated with potential purchasers. The FIA are now looking for evidence of this and have asked for it immediately.

"Enough was enough maybe a few races ago," Bernie Ecclestone said prior to the Belgium Grand Prix.

"So we'll see what happens now. They are saying they are not here because it's force majeure, it's out of their control, and if they can prove that, maybe they've got chances to hang on.

"But if they can't, they probably won't go to Monza [the next race]."

An FIA spokesman told the BBC: "We've asked Arrows for a detailed explanation about their state of health following certain decisions over the past few weeks. We will then decide which position to adopt.

"[Punishment] could go from a simple fine to being banned from the [F1] circuit.

"But before any decision is taken we must consider the large number of people who are employed with the team."

Arrows arrived in Spa claiming that they were on the verge of selling the team to an American investor and that as soon as the deal was reached, they would hit the track. The deal proved too far away and the team returned home on Friday night.

The next few hours could determine the future of the Arrows F1 team.
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