August 31st, 2002

Milk Carton

Arrows to face a fine?

The Arrows team did not manage to solve it's contractual problems yesterday, and departed Spa-Franchorchamps late last night. As a result the Arrows team may incur the wrath of the governing FIA for failing to take part in qualifying.

Wednesday saw the team confirm that it would be arriving in Spa, but on Friday night a statement was released which revealed that legal advisors once again told the outfit not to race.

Arrows had been in buy-out talks with an American billionaire named Cal Smith, but the money failed to materialise and the team could not therefore pay for their Cosworth engines. 'Until payment is made,' said the head of Ford's Premier Performance Division, and Jaguar boss Niki Lauda, 'The Arrows cars will not move.'

Arrows said the reason that they were unable to take part was 'due to the sheer amount of paperwork involved, the process cannot be completed by close of business today.

'Consequently the team has been advised to do nothing that could jeopardise the successful completion of the transaction so will not race in Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix.'

Arrows has been asked to explain the reasons for not participating in qualifying, and the FIA are awaiting this response. 'Our subsequent action will be based on Arrow's response,' Richard Woods, FIA's director of communications was quoted by the Guardian.
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what happened to jordan's energy drink?
they were dishing them out free at last years british gp, in a lucozade style bottle, it was lovely, i assumed they were going to market it

it was called jb10 or something, i want some more