August 28th, 2002

Milk Carton

JV turns down a massive money offer!

The size of the deal aimed at returning Jacques Villeneuve to the height of American racing has been revealed today. Villeneuve was offered a staggering $50 million for one year racing in CART with the Players team.

This massive deal was turned down by the 1995 CART champion, who has said on many occasions that he wishes to remain in Formula 1. Gerry Forsythe has revealed that he offered the Canadian a massive deal to get the star back in American racing, but was rebuffed by the BAR driver.

Speaking to Le Journal de Montreal, Forsythe has revealed the size of the deal put together by himself and the CART organisation.

"We would have loved to have been able to count on the services of someone like Jacques Villeneuve for a year."

"It would have been very good for Player's and for the CART series. Unfortunately," alleged Forsythe, "Pollock asked for even more money."

"Their demands were too high," said Forsythe. "I'm not sure he will receive the same kind of offer from an F1 team at the end of his contract in 2003."

BAR boss Dave Richards has said previously that he wanted Villeneuve to move to CART so his team could allocate more money towards chassis development with Villeneuve returning 2004. As things stand, Villeneuve has no contract with BAR beyond 2003 and with no other top teams with available seats, Villeneuve may be forced to move away from BAR after next season.
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