July 24th, 2002

Little D

Wow! I was at Magny Cours!

That was an INCREDIBLE weekend.

The weather was great... we even noted that the tarmac was melting on Saturday.. it was that hot! We got to see the practise session where Fisi had his crash, but we had the best seats in my opinion. We were half way between the start of the pit exit and the end of it (if that makes sense). The atmosphere was electric.

You don't believe just how fast they go until they are zooming in front of you!

Funny thing was.. as many people were screaming for Michael to lose as to win. It was great... although I'm disappointed with the result, to know that I was there... well... it beats it all! It was so exciting sitting there (well standing there actually) and seeing the cars all head for the first corner. I'm hoping I got a good photo of it.. but they go so fast!

We had Mark Webber run in front of us (behind the fence unfortunately) when his car went during free practice. The Arrows cars were all cheered when they came on to the track to post a time for qualifying. Unfortunately they only posted the one time, which was well outside the 107% and for some reason didn't return to the track. They got as much cheering as MS did the first time he came onto track.

I will do that again.. have to some time.. it was just the best experience.