June 1st, 2002

Milk Carton

British GP might be the last for Minardi!

Paul Stoddart has revealed that the British GP might be the final one Minardi compete in if the issue of television money is not resolved quickly.

With the liquidation of Prost GP earlier this year, Minardi inherited tenth place in the 2001 constructors championship, making them an estimated $12 million from the annual breakdown of television money.

But the team's future is being jeopardized by the Phoenix Finance group who have purchased some of Prost's assets for a few million pounds and have been attempting to use the courts to secure a place on the F1 grid without having to pay the $45 million deposit normally required from new teams.

"It is annoying, frustrating would be the right word," Stoddart said. "Our budget has been withheld because of the Phoenix issue. We know we're owed a very substantial amount. It is time the other teams said 'Enough is enough, let Minardi have their money."
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