May 29th, 2002

Milk Carton

Monza test, Day one

LBWhile his fellow Ferrari test driver, Luca Badoer, participated in a soggy session at Silverstone, UK, yesterday (Tuesday), Luciano Burti worked in warm and sunny conditions at Monza.

As happened at the previous test session, held at this circuit in the week before the Austrian Grand Prix, the track was once again modified temporarily by introducing two chicanes.

Burti worked on the development of Bridgestone's tyres, running from 9.30, when the track was still damp, until 18.00. He covered a total of 81 laps.

The Brazilian continues testing at this track today.
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Milk Carton

Monza test, Day two

Luciano Burti continued testing in Monza, Italy, today (Wednesday) under sunny skies, with track temperature reaching 24ºC.

LBThe Brazilian was working through a tyre programme in conjunction with the Italian Scuderia's technical partner Bridgestone, and as per yesterday the track was modified with the introduction of two temporary chicanes.

Later in the day it was converted back to the standard layout, allowing the team to make a record of the times set. Burti managed a quickest lap of 1.25.476 over 84 laps. Testing lasted a duration of just over seven hours.

The Monza test is now complete.
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Milk Carton

Sato not giving up

Jordan rookie Takuma Sato says he is not worried about his growing list of accidents.

The racer has been involved in shunts four times in the last fortnight alone, and hit his own team mate Giancarlo Fisichella in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

TS Dead JordanBut he says he is not worried as long as he does not make the same mistake twice.

Sato produced the most dramatic accident of Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix when he moved off the racing line in the tunnel to make way for Fisichella and lost control of his car at 160mph.

His car hammered the barrier and then skidded on its belly for over 100 yards, veering so wildly across the track he almost hit Fisichella for the second time in five races.

"I am totally okay after the accident," said Sato. "I was ahead of Giancarlo at that stage and he was slightly quicker than me so the team asked me on the radio to let him through.

"I was trying to let him through but I wasn't expecting so much dust. I lost all the grip and hit the barrier.

"I am trying all the time and each time I've gone off it has been a different thing that happens - which I am okay with. If you never do the same mistake twice then you are okay.

"It was a very exciting day for me and I am generally happy for the Jordan team to get another result.

"My start was okay. I saw a little space on the outside and went for it - overtaking five cars. After that I was pleased I could follow Giancarlo at a very similar pace and it was very, very good for him.

"Then he had a problem at the chicane and I got ahead of him. Then I got Mika Salo at Mirabeau which was very exciting.

"Then the team radioed to me to move over and that was disappointing because I think I could have finished very near Giancarlo."

The Japanese driver is yet to score his first Formula One™ points, is unclassified in five of the first seven races and finished ninth twice.

"I'm not losing confidence at all," he insisted after seeing his team mate get in the points for the second race in succession. "I am very optimistic for everything even though I have had such a hard time.

"Obviously I keep on trying and then one day hopefully it will come right and I will get the results. That is what I am hoping. I am so happy with this team, too, because everybody supports me. I've had some moments to show what I can do.

"But I am disappointed and have mixed emotions about what happened in Monaco but at least we got the result. It was a tough lesson for me to learn because I have very little experience of street circuits.

"There is practically nowhere you can let someone past early and when I did I paid the price. But at least I have learned something again."
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Milk Carton

Testing, Silverstone Day Two

Rubens Barrichello topped the time sheets at Silverstone today (Wednesday), after a day of difficult weather conditions again hampered the teams.

RBThe mixture of sun, rain and hail kept ambient temperatures down to 14ºC and prevented much improvement from taking place, although most drivers did get one timed run in while the track was classified as 'dry'.

Most teams concentrated on tyre work and basic set-up for the Canadian Grand Prix, although some outfits such as Renault and Ferrari also worked on electronics, including traction control.

Jaguar saw their drivers work in shifts at the wheel of the R3, with Eddie Irvine on duty in the morning and Pedro de la Rosa having to contend with the worst of the weather in the afternoon.

Toyota was also hampered by the conditions. Mika Salo only got out on track in the afternoon after he had to wait for the car to be repaired following Stéphane Sarrazin's crash yesterday and Allan McNish was unable to run before lunch because of transmission problems on his TF102.

"It has been a very difficult day for us today. We have not been able to do any of the programme we had planned," said Salo in a press release.

"This morning was spent fixing the car after Stéphane's crash yesterday and this afternoon was wasted because of the weather. I sincerely hope we get some serious running done tomorrow."

Both Juan Pablo Montoya and Felipe Massa were affected by engine problems, and lost track time while their units were changed by team mechanics.

Testing continues tomorrow.
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