May 7th, 2002

Milk Carton

Niki lauda's rehabilitation expert dies

Willi Dungl, the rehabilitation expert who oversaw Niki Lauda's return to fitness after his fiery accident at the 1976 German Grand Prix, has died. The 64-year-old suffered a heart attack on May 1st from which he never recovered.
Lauda was given the last rites in hospital after his horrendous crash at the old Nurburging circuit, but following Dungl's help he lived to win two more world titles, founded an airline and is now running Jaguar's Formula One™ team.

The Jaguar Racing boss is not the only famous sporting star helped back to recovery by Dungl after career-threatening injuries.

Current BMW motorsport boss and former F1™ driver Gerhard Berger was also treated by the Austrian rehabilitation guru after his crash at the 1989 San Marino GP, which saw his Ferrari turn into a ball of fire. Berger completed the following season at the wheel of a McLaren and only retired in 1997.

Other personalities treated by Dungl include tennis stars Steffi Graff and Thomas Muster, skier Herman Maier and Australian motorcycle grand prix racer Garry McCoy. All speak highly of their time at the Dungl Clinic, located in the small Austrian town of Gars am Kamp.

"The treatment at the Dungl clinic was very impressive," McCoy said in a press release from the Australian Grand Prix Corporation. "I doubt I could have been back riding so soon without it.

"Even though I was treated daily by the doctors and therapists at the clinic, Willi took an interest in my progress and condition. I spoke to him a couple of times and he always seemed to know what was going on, even though he was very busy.

"He had three different clinics and a hotel for patients in Gars and always seemed to be on the move. His clinic was full of photos of people he had treated - guys like Lauda and Berger from F1, and lots of others."
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Milk Carton

Piquet Junior, joins Brazilian Formula 3 Renault

Nelson Ângelo Piquet, the sixteen-year-old son of three times F1™ champion Nelson Piquet, is expected to announce today (Tuesday) that he plans to compete in the new Brazilian Formula Renault series.
The series, begun by former F1 driver Pedro Diniz in order to foster up-and-coming Brazilian talent, is rapidly expanding with several well-known names supporting the championship.

Piquet Jnr, currently leading the Sudam Formula 3 Championship, will compete for Gramacho Racing from Sunday 12th May alongside another Brazilian legend's son.

His team mate will be seventeen-year-old Marcos Gomes, the son of four-time Stock Car champion, Paulo. Marcos is already lying third in the championship, after the opening round at Curitiba in April.
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Milk Carton

F1 games

Whats the best F1 game out or thats comming out in the next few months?

EA's F1 2002 should be good, but we will have to wait and see.
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