February 20th, 2002

Milk Carton


Hi everyone, this is the first formula1 entry. I hope everyone will have fun here and that this community will get more popular as months go on. Please feel free to write what you want about Formula1 in this community.

As I'm the community maintainer, I will check back every so often. If there are any problems or suggestions then please tell me, as your opions really do matter.

Thats all, have fun!
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Milk Carton

Quick, quick, slow!

We are all aware of the FIA's 'attempt' to try and slow F1 cars down, and by doing that they have introduced new and not very exciting rule changes. Such as;

  • Narrower cars

  • Grooved tires

  • Aerodynamic changes

  • The changes above that have been made over the past decade are just some of the things the FIA have done to try and slow the cars down to a suitable speed (whatever that may be), because each year the teams seem to find ways of creating more speed.

    Anyway the point I'm 'trying' to make is, if the FIA want to reduced the speed of the cars, then why dont they restrict the engine capacities to a fixed level? For example the cars which are in the season coming up, have about 800 BHP. My idea is that if the FIA were to keep the engine capacity at a fixed level, such as 700 BHP, then that should therefore reduce the speed of F1 cars, without all the useless changes the FIA have done, which has seemed to make F1 less exciting.

    Whats your thoughts?
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