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F1 Causes international argument!


Cyprus is making an official complaint to motor sport's world governing body over what it calls a political "trick" at the Turkish Grand Prix.
The Turkish Cypriot leader, Mehmet Ali Talat, presented the Formula One trophy at the televised event in Istanbul.

However, he was introduced as president of the Turkish Cypriot "state" - which is only recognised by Turkey.

Cyprus has been split since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded the north of the island after a Greek-inspired coup.

"The Cypriot government will denounce this unacceptable and provocative piece of theatre," Cyprus government spokesman Christodoulos Pashardis told reporters after the Grand Prix award ceremony.


Jenson Button and Honda have just won a frantic Grand Prix in Hungary!!!!!!!

James Allan has exploded and the small town of Frome will be on the piss tonight!!!!!!!!
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I have very mixed feelings right now...

One of my favourite drivers, Alex Wurz, is finally returning to F1 as a race driver and will get a race seat that i think he thoroughly deserves! But at the same time he is replacing Mark Webber, who is also one of my favs and as an Aussie is a sentemental favourite. I am so over the moon that Alex will race next year but i also hope this means that Mark will get either a Renault or McLaren drive which I think he deserves.

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I was wondering if anyone has the full version of Jacques Villeneuve's song? Is there anywhere bsides iTunes i can download it? If someone has it could they possibly upload it for me? Thanks

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I very rarely use the word disappointed when referring to someone, but I was very disappointed at what Michael Schumacher did Saturday afternoon.

For the last few years he has kept his nose relatively clean. The events of Adelaide 1994, Silverstone 1995, Jerez 1997, Austria 2000 (deliberately driving his damaged car on to the racing line to try and stop the race) Austria 2002 and Indianapolis 2002 had faded into history as he Formula one career is drawing to a close. But all that has come back after he, in my opinion, made almost no effort to turn the car around the second to last corner at the end of qualifying thus giving himself pole.

He had plenty of space to turn, plenty of opportunity to get reverse or even just floor it to get the back around. The clenched fist in the car (and one or two in the garage) signalled he was not to bothered about what had happened. Formula one engines are fickle things but if they can sit on the starting grid for upwards of 30 seconds without stalling surly they can keep running after a driver had run wide.

What has come as a surprise to me is the reaction from the pit lane. I forget how many drivers ITV interviewed but they all indicated quite obviously that they thought it was deliberate. Keke Rosberg was the most outspoken while his son, Nico looked disappointed when he said he hoped it wasn’t deliberate.

It ended up a good race though. The high shot of Kimi Raikkonen walking towards the tunnel as the safety car passed with the pack behind before the camera shot panned out into the harbour was really good. All that was needed was a theme tune and credits to go up the screen!